Access & Landscape design

The existing vehicle access off Hornby Road is maintained for deliveries and also provides 2 accessible car parking spaces.


11 bedrooms within the scheme will be constructed to meet accessible requirements. This provides 5% of bedrooms available. These rooms are near the lift cores and provide north facing views toward the stadium on every floor. In all cases of circulation to the bedroom front door will comply with Part M, which includes corridors, principal door openings, stairs and lifts.

The hotel Brand booking process to be employed as part of the management strategy ascertains the nature of the individuals disability and their specific requirements, before arrival.

Means of Escape

The Building will be fully sprinklered in compliance with the Hotel brand standards for buildings > 25m. Two Fire Escape Stairs provide two directions of protected escape for all hotel and rooftop bar guests - which discharge into the service yard and on to an agreed safe mustering point.

Servicing and Emergency Vehicle Access

Servicing will be from Hornby Road, along the south boundary. Access to the basement and circulation cores are provided through this courtyard.

Delivery Vehicles will be able to wait off the carriageway whilst calling the Reception/ Restaurant or Bar to be let into the service yard.

Turning space for a 10m Rigid Box Van is provided in the courtyard.

Secure Access

For a focused service hotel (bed & breakfast only) such as the one proposed, a manned 24 hour reception service is provided to maintain security and guest comfort. A full CCTV system will be installed as part of the brand standards to ensure all secure areas and circulation access points can be observed and access managed.


1 - Chester Road Public space

Regeneration of this major junction on the processional route will be achieved using high quality paving, graduated level changes to the building entrances and incorporating the site curtilage within the public realm. Freestanding planters (as indicated) will provide structure and protection to the Restaurant External Seating

2 - Warwick Road Drop Off Zone

Continuation of hard surfacing treatment at 1. Above. Off-street vehicle drop off is proposed which is bordered by stainless steel bollards as indicated.

Stainless steel metal studs will be inset into the new paving to define ‘zones for traders’ to be adhered to on match days that retain the public pedestrian circulation around the new drop-off.

3 - Hornby Road Site Entrance

Level access on a flat gradient is provided for disabled guest and staff visitors around the parking bays, protected by bollards as described. Small street trees as indicated provide a green focal point to tie the site to its domestic context on Hornby Road.

4 - Green border Planting

Ornamental grasses rather than climbing plants are proposed for the service yard border to the existing house adjacent, which has its one wall facing into the site.

5 - Service Yard

A hard wearing material such as tarmac is proposed for the service yard. As guests cannot view into the courtyard it is not proposed to use decorative paving for this area.

Access & Landscape design

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