Building appearance - materials

'High quality materials should be proposed because of the location on a nationally significant Processional Way.'

Materials specifications seek to create a ‘lighter’ less dominant building, which is less imposing on its neighbours but also creates a more elegant composition.

In order to relate to base to the Hornby Road housing context, a red brick ‘multi’ blend has been proposed to relate to the local use of red brick and render.


Tower Design Strategy

Clashing geometry of the tower and base elements are expressed to add interest.

Bronze coloured metal sheeting contrasts with the brick elements to provide vertical focal points facing towards the football stadium and to signify the main hotel entrance off Warwick road.

Verticality and elegant proportions are emphasised by the use of vertical bedroom windows and vertical strip windows to subdivide façade into legible elements. A staggered top the building helps to identify the building as a series of slender vertical elements - as viewed from Hornby Road Housing.

'Hit-and-miss' brickwork creates a perforated brick wall at roof level to provide cross ventilation to the plant equipment

Elevational Materials

  • Brick Plinth - ‘blue’ engineering brick in dark grey/blue in charcoal mortar jointing
  • Ground floor metal screens and adjacent metal framing - to match the brick plinth
  • Curtain walling - bronze / brown to match bedroom windows
  • 1st floor Podium with hit-and-miss screen – Red brick blend/ multi to create a contemporary, rich, pastelle-colour hue.
  • 1st floor & above Windows - PPC Aluminium in ‘metallic bronze finish’ with bronze tint glazing
  • Bedroom Areas - Brick: Buff multi to create a contemporary tone and texture.
  • Metal Wall panel: PPC Aluminium in ‘metallic bronze finish’.
  • Vertical brise Soleil and horizontal metal profiles: Metallic silver


Building appearance - materials
Building appearance - materials
Building appearance - materials
Building appearance - materials

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