Building appearance - materials

'High quality materials should be proposed because of the location on a nationally significant Processional Way.'

The proposal draws on the materials found locally and throughout the city to develop a building of this scale to fit in its context.
The primary materials proposed are proposed to be a mix of brown, blue and red facing bricks, blue tinted glazing within light grey framing and bronze coloured metal cladding and projecting features. In Summary the Materials proposed are: (from street level upwards)

  • Brick Plinth - ‘blue’ engineering brick in dark grey/blue in charcoal mortar jointing
  • Curtain walling - mid grey PPC Aluminium framing with blue tinted glazing and blue-grey opaque glazed spandrels or perforated bronze metal spandrel panels
  • All glazing shall be in accordance with the specifications of the CPNI guidance note: Measures to improve the blast resistance of glazing cpni ebp 01/14: April 2014 and the full specification shall be submitted to the LPA prior to commencement.
  • Brick blend - a textured blend of red, brown and blue bricks to create an antique effect in a contemporary vein.
  • Glazed Facade rooftop - plant openings, perimeter gates to match the colour of the mid-grey opaque glazed panels.
  • Bronze - Solid spandrel panels within grey framed curtain walling. Circular perforations in a random pattern will be introduced at lower levels, visible from the street, which will then be graded out higher up the building.

It is envisaged that the metal panels to oriel windows will be clad on one side with these perforated panels ensuring openings do not provide views through. The projecting metal frames grouping the windows vertically in 3 sections will also be formed in the bronze colour, without perforations.

Building appearance - materials
Building appearance - materials

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