Design Proposals

Rationale behind the Massing, Layout and Building Concept proposed


The principles for designing a new hotel have been jointly established through the pre-application process as described earlier. These encouraged the design to increase in scale at the corner junction of Chester Road, by moving all bedrooms into the tower. The building scale reduces along the length of Warwick Street, improving the amenity and street scale for local residents on Warwick and Hornby Roads. This significantly improves on the scale relationship provided by the existing office building.


Layout Principles

The Proposed Footprint plan is based on the existing building footprint; that is, the new hotel facade maintaining the back face of the existing office building – so as to not make the relationship between the adjacent house and new building any worse than it already is.

Ground floor – active frontage is provided along Warwick and Chester Roads which improves on the current narrow footpath

Any possibility to overlook or intrude on the amenity and privacy of Hornby Road Housing has been removed. To achieve this, windows are oriented away from the residential area and oblique views are screened by vertical brise soleil. Specific glazing to provide natural daylight within the hotel is to be obscured to prevent staff and guests observing the residences.

The Building will be fully sprinklered in compliance with the Hotel brand standards for buildings > 25m. Two Fire Escape Stairs provide two directions of protected escape for all hotel and rooftop bar guests.

Building Concept

Early Planning advice maintained that “Slender, elegant forms should be used to ensure the height of the building is expressed to avoid the tower appearing squat or heavy”.

Further guidance included: 

- Integrate rooftop plant screening into the facades to ensure quality

- Add interest to the tower facades facing the Hornby Road Housing


The forms and materials proposed  seek to create a ‘lighter’ less dominant building, which is less imposing on its neighbours but also creates a more elegant composition.

At street level, interest is added through metal panels to form a life-size ‘Moire Pattern’. This operates as a form of public art for passers-by that seeks to respond to the sports stadia context in a dynamic way: Two differing perforated patterns will be cut into two layers of metal panels that when viewed at speed, create the illusion of movement as the panels appear to visually slide past each other. 

A Linear back-light behind the panels, illuminates the wall behind the panels which allows the effect to be visible at night time on Warwick Road .

Design Proposals

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