Design Update

As noted within the overview section of the website, ACRE Manchester has submitted a new Full Planning Application for the demolition of the existing office building and the construction of a Novotel Hotel.

Comprising 171 bedrooms over 9 storeys including basement spa, the proposal has 24 parking spaces at ground level with the restaurant, lounge and bar spaces enjoying fantastic city views on the top floor.

This Proposal established a design brief from the rulings made by the Planning Inspectorate in the consideration of an Appeal to the refusal of the previous scheme. In addition, pre-application advice and the Draft Area Action Plan (AAP - 21st January 2021) has also informed the design.

4 major aspects of the previous proposal have thus been amended.

Building Height

Consider a medium-rise building that responds more closely to the existing context. The Draft AAP now released for consultation, identifies that this corner site could support a signature building, up to 12 storeys in height.


A reasonable amount of off, or on-site parking, will need to be provided, commensurate with the number of hotel bedrooms and other new developments in the area. 

Surrounding Views

In order to provide a unique guest experience the hotel Bar/ Restaurant and Lounge are to be on the topmost floor whilst retaining the reception and coffee bar at ground floor to maintain an active frontage. 

Hotel Brand

The applicant has chosen a new Brand, which is a 4 star hotel, a signature Novotel development, which includes its own spa facilities, in line with the Council’s quality aspirations for this key site. 

Design Update
Design Update

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